Our Products

Our products are all sourced from sustainably ranched game. Our cuts comprise of premium fresh loins, fillets, steaks and shanks as well as a range of smoke-cured carpaccio, each with its own delicate texture and flavour. All our meats are free from artificial hormones and antibiotics.


Carpaccio is a tender lean meat, brined and cold-smoked using fruit woods, thinly sliced and usually eaten raw as an appetizer. Our carpaccio is intensely flavoured and beautifully compliments melon, avocado and strawberries – top it off with freshly ground black pepper.


Our steaks are cut from the hind leg, and are leaner than the typical beef steak. Ready to be seasoned, rubbed, or popped plain onto hot coals or into a pan. Preferably serve rare to medium for a tender, juicy treat.


Fillet is a small cut from beneath the ribs, and is also known as the tenderloin or filet mignon. Fillets are most famously tender, making them naturally soft and buttery on the palate. The versatility of this lean cut makes it perfect in stir-fries and as a morsel with mustard. Be sure to serve pink for the very best eating.


Loin, sometimes called sirloin, is a long continuous piece found above the ribs along the spine. The loin is full of flavour, making it a perfect pairing for a myriad of sauces. Best sautéed in a very hot pan to caramelise the outside, while keeping the inside pink. Some of our loins are available cut into portions.


Shanks are for those who like to gnaw their meat off the bone. With lots of flavour and hearty goodness, shanks are perfect for a winter Sunday lunch. Shanks should be slow-cooked, and when done properly, results in meat so soft it falls off the bone.


Our other products include burgers, bones, sausage, goulash, and mince.

Special Order

At Karoo Gold we firmly believe you are limited only by your imagination. In this spirit, we aim to encourage experimentation in the kitchen. If you have always dreamed of tasting ostrich egg omelette or will always remember that crocodile tail you ate in a fancy foreign restaurant, now is the time to test your limits of your daring. Get in contact with us, and we will try our best to source what you are looking for.

If you are stuck on ideas, look no further: fresh ostrich eggs, gemsbok ribs, warthog on a spit, zebra, buffalo steak, springbok tongue, marrow bones or pigeons. These products are not always available and often seasonal, but we will help you source them if we can.